Dr. Udo Hüls

Almost three decades of industry experience in all fields of HR management, including around 25 years in executive and leadership roles.

Dr Udo Hüls

Nearly 30 years of industrial experience in almost all areas of human resources, thereof about 25 years in management and leadership functions.

I combine consulting, coaching, and training and work with HR professionals to find possible improvements for the typical incidents and constellations they encounter in their professional practice.

A combination of targeted consulting sequences and practical application phases has proven most effective: the more intensive and the faster the intervals are, the more progress you can expect.

My consulting services are not only designed to reinforce the personality competences and situational intelligence of your HR managers, but to solve those problems that you are faced with your current operational reality.

With almost three decades of professional experience, mostly in leadership and top executive positions within and beyond HR at global market leaders, make me the perfect sounding board, creative contributor, and skilled user of pragmatic methods and instruments.

My professional focus has been Human Resources, e.g. as Senior Vice President, Managing Director and Labour Director, in central and decentral units, and as specialist as well as generalist. I have also held roles as Managing Director, Authorized Representative, and Division Manager in many functions beyond HR.

My applied competences and experience and my training as a certified psychologist and management diagnostician guarantee perfect-fit solutions for any type of HR profile or problem.

Focus Industries


  • Consumer and capital goods
  • Automotive
  • Electronics & IT-industries
  • Mechanical and plant engineering



Medium-sized, global market leaders

Focus on HR in the following executive functions


  • Industrial Relations Director / Managing Director HR
  • Member of the Group Executive Board
  • Group, divisional, Site HR Director
  • Head of Corporate Human Resources
  • Personnel Development / Talent Management
  • Recruiting
  • Change Management

Additional executive functions outside of HR

  • Managing Director of a german corporation
  • Managing Director of subsidiary organizations
  • Legal Affairs
  • Public Relations
  • Site Management, Facility and Asset Management
  • Project Management in acquisition and divestment projects


Previous honorary board mandates in employers’ and trade associations and as tribunal judge (AG and LAG)

Publications and lectures on the following HR topics
Increase HR effectiveness, international HR policies, legal implications of new work environments, leadership and motivation, succession planning, diversity, employability, demographic change, business strategies in dynamic markets



Certified Psychologist (Diploma; Universities of Bielefeld and Oldenburg) specializing organizational psychology, diagnostics and labour law

Doctorate (Dr. phil., Ruhr-University-Bochum)